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com::sun::java::help::impl::JHSecondaryViewer Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for com::sun::java::help::impl::JHSecondaryViewer:


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Detailed Description

This class is a secondary viewer to be included in HTML content within JHContentViewer. The ViewerType can either be a SecondaryWindow or a Popup. Activation is done be either a Button or a mouse enabled Label. Both Button and Label support Text, Icon, or Text and Icon.

To use this class within HTML content use the &ltobject&gt tag. Below is an example usage:

 &ltobject CLASSID="java:com.sun.java.help.impl.JHSecondaryViewer"&gt
 &ltparam name="content" value="secondary_contents.html"&gt
 &ltparam name="viewerActivator" value="javax.help.LinkLabel"&gt
 &ltparam name="viewerStyle" value="javax.help.Popup"&gt
 &ltparam name="viewerSize" value="300,400"&gt
 &ltparam name="text" value="Click here"&gt
 &ltparam name="textFontFamily" value="SansSerif"&gt
 &ltparam name="textFontSize" value="x-large"&gt
 &ltparam name="textFontWeight" value="plain"&gt
 &ltparam name="textFontStyle" value="italic"&gt
 &ltparam name="textColor" value="red"&gt

Valid parameters are:

Definition at line 125 of file JHSecondaryViewer.java.

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
String getContent ()
String getId ()
String getTextColor ()
String getTextFontFamily ()
String getTextFontSize ()
String getTextFontStyle ()
String getTextFontWeight ()
String getViewerActivator ()
String getViewerLocation ()
String getViewerName ()
String getViewerSize ()
String getViewerStyle ()
 JHSecondaryViewer ()
void setContent (String content)
void setIconByID (String name)
void setIconByName (String name)
void setId (String id)
void setTextColor (String name)
void setTextFontFamily (String family)
void setTextFontSize (String size)
void setTextFontStyle (String style)
void setTextFontWeight (String weight)
void setViewData (View v)
void setViewerActivator (String activator)
void setViewerLocation (String location)
void setViewerName (String name)
void setViewerSize (String size)
void setViewerStyle (String style)

Static Public Attributes

static String LINK_BUTTON = "javax.help.LinkButton"
static String LINK_LABEL = "javax.help.LinkLabel"
static String POPUP = "javax.help.Popup"
static String SECONDARY_WINDOW = "javax.help.SecondaryWindow"

Private Member Functions

void createLinkButton ()
void createLinkLabel ()
Font getAttributeSetFont (AttributeSet attr)
float getPreferredLabelAlignment ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void debug (String str)

Private Attributes

URL base
String content = ""
HTMLDocument doc
HelpSet hs
Map.ID ident
View myView
Cursor origCursor
SimpleAttributeSet textAttribs
int viewerActivator = 0
int viewerHeight = 0
Icon viewerIcon
String viewerName = ""
int viewerStyle = 0
int viewerWidth = 0
int viewerX = 0
int viewerY = 0

Static Private Attributes

static final String buttonPropertyPrefix = "Button" + "."
static Component container
static final boolean debug = false
static final String editorPropertyPrefix = "EditorPane" + "."
static final Cursor handCursor

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