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javax::help::WindowPresentation Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javax::help::WindowPresentation:

javax::help::Presentation javax::help::MainWindow javax::help::SecondaryWindow

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Detailed Description

Window Presentation is an abstract class providing a generic interface for the development of Window Presentations. Each implementation of Presentation will need to override the static method getPresentation according to it's own needs.

WindowPresentation implements several generic methods required in all window presentations. Includes the ability to handle modal and non-modal activation of the help window.

Roger D.Brinkley
1.22 10/30/06
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Definition at line 76 of file WindowPresentation.java.

Public Member Functions

synchronized void createHelpWindow ()
void destroy ()
Window getActivationWindow ()
ID getCurrentID ()
URL getCurrentURL ()
String getCurrentView ()
Font getFont ()
HelpSet getHelpSet ()
HelpSet.Presentation getHelpSetPresentation ()
Window getHelpWindow ()
Locale getLocale ()
Point getLocation ()
int getScreen ()
Dimension getSize ()
String getTitle ()
boolean isDestroyedOnExit ()
boolean isDisplayed ()
boolean isTitleSetFromDocument ()
boolean isToolbarDisplayed ()
boolean isViewDisplayed ()
void setActivationObject (Object comp)
void setActivationWindow (Window window)
void setCurrentID (ID id) throws InvalidHelpSetContextException
void setCurrentID (String id) throws BadIDException
void setCurrentURL (URL url)
void setCurrentView (String name)
void setDestroyOnExit (boolean destroy)
void setDisplayed (boolean b)
void setFont (Font f)
void setHelpSet (HelpSet hs)
void setHelpSetPresentation (HelpSet.Presentation hsPres)
void setLocale (Locale l)
void setLocation (Point p)
void setScreen (int screen)
void setSize (Dimension d)
void setTitle (String title)
void setTitleFromDocument (boolean b)
void setToolbarDisplayed (boolean displayed)
void setViewDisplayed (boolean displayed)
 WindowPresentation (HelpSet hs)

Static Public Member Functions

static Presentation getPresentation (HelpSet hs, String name)

Protected Member Functions

TextHelpModel getHelpModel ()

Package Attributes

WindowListener dl
boolean modalDeactivated = true

Private Member Functions

synchronized void createJHelp ()
JHelpNavigator getNavigatorByName (String name)
boolean isXinerama ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void debug (Object msg)

Private Attributes

String currentView = null
boolean destroyOnExit = false
JDialog dialog = null
JFrame frame = null
HelpSet.Presentation hsPres = null
Image image = null
JHelp jhelp = null
Point location = null
boolean modallyActivated = false
Window ownerWindow = null
WindowPropertyChangeListener propertyChangeListener = null
int screen = 0
String title = null
boolean titleFromDocument = false
boolean toolbarDisplayed = true
boolean viewDisplayed = true

Static Private Attributes

static final boolean debug = false


class  WindowPropertyChangeListener

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